About Us

Bashing Teavana isn't the ONLY thing this site is about. We recognize that Teavana does play somewhat of a positive role in the Tea World. A lot of folks are first introduced to tea because of Teavana, usually in a mall with those overly sweet (but yes, at times quite delicious) tea samples.

Then they walk out with an ├╝ber-expensive gazillion ounce tetsubin, ten pounds of tea (most of it blended with white tea for TEh MaxiMUm Healths!), and an empty wallet. Well, something like that. You kids and your credit cards these days.

So here's the thing...

We think Teavana really sucks. Too many people are suckered by them and, unfortunately, get turned off from tea completely. Some people don't know that there are other options and they keep throwing money away for a sub-par tea experience. And then there are the Teavana Fanboys. Well... I don't think there's any hope for them.

We're here to change that.

We want to expose Teavana's horrible practices and in return present some really awesome alternatives. There are A LOT of online retailers that sell higher quality tea with better customer service for the right price.

Do you have a Teavana experience you'd like to share? Please contact us at TeavanaHell {at} Gmail {dot} Com so we can post it. It can be positive or negative.