Confessions of a Teavana Employee

To get things started off right, I've got some reading material for you. This posting on is actually one of the first things I found when I first got into tea, had a negative Teavana experience, and did some online research.

It's the thread that will never die and is going on 2 years strong. It gets me fired up every time I read through it.

An exerpt from the OP:
It is a company that bases its sales process on misleading you into what it considers the “best”. It is a sales intense store, which contradicts with the natural essence of tea – a relaxing and heartening beverage that soothes the soul. It seeks to build its image as the worlds premier retailer in tea, but uses average grade quality teas... Teavana markets the hell out of its products, partially by making unsubstantiated claims about its products. It offers an unfriendly work environment.
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